Test Painting 3.75 G.I. Joe Figs

On one of my days off last week I stopped in Hobby Lobby to look at model paints because I want to start painting 3.75 G.I. Joe figures, not customs just random soldiers. I already have a few fodder parts from a broken Captain Grid Iron. So I picked up a small jar of black paint, a brush and hoping for the best. After an hour of trial and error I’m happy with what I accomplished, and all I did was paint Grid Iron’s back and torso.

Now that I’m feeling comfortable painting and liking the outcome I need to get more colors than just black. My thought was, black is a good color to start off with and I was right. But now I’m at a standstill waiting to go back to Hobby Lobby to see what other colors I want to get.

I also been thinking about sculpting, like adding accessories to figures or fixing broken figures. But that is just a thought I had. I’ll stick with painting for now.

The paint I’m using is Semi-Gl. Black from Testors. It’s doing what I need it to do, it can be applied by brush or airbrush… So here’s what I got done so far, I only applied one coat and tonight I have a few touch ups then it’ll be done.

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