TGIF and The Conners

Friday evenings I would sit with my mom on the couch and wait for TGIF to start. Full House, Family Matters, and Step by Step was the shows I looked forward to each Friday. Later on I enjoyed Boy Meets World and Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper.

I stopped watching TGIF once Boy Meets World had its final episode. I would watch 8 Simple Rules but not on a regular basis, mainly watched it for John Ritter.

I still see those TGIF shows in reruns on channels like Nick at Nite. As for myself watching those reruns… I haven’t watched an episode of Step by Step or Family Matters in years. And I’m 99% sure I can tell you what’s going to happen in a Full House episode from the first five mins.

Girl Meets World

With series as popular as a Full House or Boy Meets World it’s a no brainer to reboot or resurrect said shows. I would love to know what DJ Tanner, Uncle Jesse, or Shawn Hunter is doing nowadays… And guess what, those series did get a revival with Fuller House, and Girl Meets World. I watched the first season of Fuller House but stopped after that. I didn’t like some of the new characters but I’m glad it was made to expand the Full House Universe. As for Girl Meets World, I enjoyed it a lot more than Fuller House mainly the main cast was there in each episode. Fuller House you had people coming and going throughout series. Girl Meets World we had Cory & Topanga each week.


I wrote all that just to tell you how much I’m loving The Conners. I’m on season two now and it’s great. The show hasn’t skipped a beat, sure Roseanne isn’t there but Dan, Darlene, and the OG Becky is holding it down. The writing and jokes are good and the small callbacks to episodes from the 90’s are great. Harris (Darlene & David’s daughter) is my favorite new character. She’s a smart ass and sarcastic just like her mother in her younger days but Darlene is handling it and so far Harris isn’t making to much trouble for herself.

With both seasons of The Conners under my belt allow me to address Roseanne season ten… I can not find that season anywhere! Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, I even looked on lesser known streaming services and I still can’t find that it. YouTube and Dailymotion have a few episodes but not all of them. I checked eBay for DVDs and nothing. I know why season ten has been scrubbed from the internet, Roseanne’s comments on Twitter got her in hot water and that’s why I can’t find that damn season! So I had to go through other means, I found a three disc set and a few days later… I have season 10 in hand. Before owning season 10 I hadn’t seen the series because I was watching other things at the time. I’m a completest I have to watch it at least once.

The Conners

Lastly there’s one other show that’s getting a revival of sorts and that’s The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The series is celebrating its 30th Anniversary with a reunion special on HBO Max. I enjoyed the Fresh Prince in its first run and looking forward to the reunion.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

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