Star Wars – Wicket 3.75 Figure

It’s been a while since I last posted. I haven’t been out fig hunting because work has kinda taken over these past couple months, but I did manage to get a hands on a few figures.

I saw on Twitter that Wicket was back in stock on Amazon and I usually don’t buy modern 3.75 Star Wars figures but this Ewok is small in scale, I think it will fit perfectly next to a six inch Black Series figure.

The figure comes with a few accessories like a spear, messenger bag, and a extra outfit. Wicket comes packaged wearing his signature brown hood, but can be taken off and replaced with a green hood like what he was wearing in the Ewoks cartoon.

The figure has good articulation but is missing knee and elbow joints, I could do without a knee bend, but those elbow joints are missed.

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