Ringside Mail Haul… Funhouse Edition

Today’s mail haul was a pretty good one and it all came from Ringside Collectables… I pre-ordered the Firefly Funhouse playset that included Bray Wyatt and four of his funhouse puppets, and a cardboard backdrop.

The backdrop has half cutouts so you can place one of the puppets in, but it will take a good balancing act to get them to stay. I suggest a figure stand to prop them up. But once you get everything into place it makes for fun pictures. The Bray Wyatt figure that comes with the set is an Elite, but his torso has that muscle outline look. So you may want to look into getting the Basic Bray figure because it doesn’t have that muscle definition and more of a sweater appeal.

The one figure I missed out getting in the JAKKS era was Superstar Billy Graham. I really liked the black & white figure they released but at the time I wanted to get said figure it was around a hundred bucks so I passed on it. Cut to years later… Mattel released their version of Superstar and it’s pretty cool. You get both young and older Superstar and all you gotta do is swop heads. I’m more partial to the younger look, but I grew up on his older appearance when he was managing Don Muraco and had matching tie-dye shirts. The one drawback to this figure is, the body type fits the younger Superstar perfectly, where older Superstar was more barrel chested and thicker.

The last figure didn’t come from Ringside, but I been sitting on it until I had enough wrestling figures for a review, and that’s Classy Freddie Blassie. I wasn’t actively seeking this figure just came across it in the wild… I bought this figure just to have it in the collection, I know of Blassie’s career in and out of the ring buts it’s just a filler figure to me.

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