Marvel Legends: Logan Two-Pack

When Hasbro announced their Marvel Legends movie line of figures I got super excited. When they revealed the two pack with Logan and Professor Xavier, I had to have at least Logan in my collection.

The only drawback to getting those figure was, it’s a Hasbro Pulse exclusive and if you know how Hasbro Pulse works you have a small window to pre-order said figures. So I skipped on ordering them and went a different route. A month or so passed by since the Hasbro announcement and I been noticing the Logan two-pack showing up on eBay and shipping from China. So I took the risk and ordered.

Cut to a month and a few days later the Logan two-pack was waiting for me at the post office. When I got the package in hand I was hoping this was the real thing and not some bootleg or knockoff. After ripping it open it was Logan and Charles.

Logan came with an alternate screaming head, and two sets of claws. One set is bloody and the other isn’t. Professor X doesn’t come with anything extra, but a wheelchair that has removable rubber wheels. The chair itself is kinda flimsy looking but all Charles is gonna do is sit there.

I’m glad I found a way to buy this set. And I know I paid over retail but it was worth it. Maybe in the future Hasbro will release more movie style figures. X-23 would be a nice addition to this set.

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