Terminator 2 Halloween Costume

I been looking back at all the Halloween costumes I had growing up. I was once a Ghostbuster, The Joker, Dracula, and Frankenstein’s Monster. I was once a Terminator from T2 and this is that story…

I remember my mom telling me she ordered a Terminator mask and sunglasses for me. She said, they won’t arrive for a couple weeks. She also told me that they had a T2 leather jacket, but not in my size because I was a big kid. I waited, and waited and one day after school my mother gave me a package that had a T2 mask and sunglasses in it. The sunglasses were black and maybe they said, Terminator 2 Judgment Day on the arm of the glasses. As for the mask it was latex and two faced. One half was human and the other a sliver endoskeleton with a red eye. The mask wasn’t a full over the head mask like Michael Myers, this one just fit your face with a elastic band.

I wore the mask with blue jeans and a black shirt. I was the Terminator. Now I been searching for any information on that T2 mask, jacket and glasses but haven’t came across any official mail aways or promo papers advertising this costume. But I did find the mask on the website PopScreen and that lead me to a eBay listing. This is the mask I had… So, I’m guessing someone has the mold for it and is still producing them.

I ask around if anyone remembers this mask from the 90s and no one does. And, as of writing this I still haven’t found any information on how my mother ordered said mask and glasses.

If you, fellow readers have any clues to where this mask might’ve come from, comment below.

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