Fig Hunting WWE Elites and Black Series, Not All Was Lost

I went into town today for a day of fig hunting. I started the day off at Target and they were fully stocked on figures. WWE, Marvel Legends, Black Series, and NECA. I walked out with one figure, Elite Series 76 Lacey Evans. I saw some Legends Series 7 mostly Bobby Heenan, and Rick Rude, but not his chase figure.

The next few stops were disappointing. Big Lots and 5 Below have lots of WWE Basics and when I went to Parkdale Mall… It was a major letdown, because a lot of the stores were closed or out of business. GameStop cleared out and a indie store took its place called Sundance… They sale sports cards, posters, and tin signs. I bought a few wrestling DVDs from there a few times. I’ve noticed that Spencer’s has become a hip hop clothing store. You need a 2-PAC, Biggie, or Wu-Tang Clan shirt you know where to go. Hot Topic seems to be getting smaller and smaller by the years. I saw a couple AEW shirts and one WWE shirt. I did stop by the food court and most of it was closed. I don’t see Parkdale Mall staying open in the near future. Oh! I did spot a Charlotte Flair Elite at SunCoast. Nowadays I just bypass the DVDs and Blu since I can get any movie digitally.

My last stop was to Wal*Mart… Of course! They didn’t have any AEW figures but a whole lot of WWE stuff. I walked away with Elite Series 73 Kairi Sane and Black Series Ahsoka Tano.

At the end of the day I had fun. I haven’t fig hunted in BMT in a long time, a lot has changed. Hopefully after this pandemic the mall can bounce back and reopen some of its stores.

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