NECA – Power Arm T-800

When I was deciding which T-800 Terminator I wanted in my collection I had two options. Go with the standard T2 Terminator or Power Arm version. I always liked Kenner’s line of T2 figures, but the one figure I could never find was the Power Arm T-800. The figure wasn’t film accurate because of the power arm feature and pink shirt but that’s what I liked about the figure. It was different and give more options during play time.

The NECA Power Arm T-800 is everything I wanted the Kenner figure to be and more. Sure the extra arm could’ve had some battle damage and maybe come with an extra weapon like a hand gun, but it’s still a rocking figure. The figure does have some flaws, like the with the head, if you move it around to much it pops off the ball joint, but if you pose the head and push it back down it stays in place. The power arm feature comes with two accessories you can swop out. First is a claw that is hinged to open and close and you can replace that with a missile head. With the Kenner figure you could shoot the missile, that feature isn’t here with NECA. The figure in my opinion stands a bit short compared to a Casey Jones or Michael Myers. Hopefully when I get the two-pack Sarah and John he’ll scale better.

Other than two power arm accessories and a extra left arm, he comes with a blaster gun that fits in his hand well. I used a shot gun from a Laurie Strode (Halloween) NECA figure that fits both hands because the left extra hand has more of a holding grip like you would hold a shot gun… See pictures for example…

I’m happy with my choice. Sure the standard T2 fig comes with a lot more accessories but I never had a Power Arm Terminator, nows my opportunity.

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