NECA Terminator 2 Sarah and John Connor

Kenner’s Terminator action figures were my favorite at one time. I had a small collection from wave one and a couple from the Future War series. I still see those figures today at multiple comic and toy stores. I thought about rebuilding my childhood collection but opted not to.

When it comes to modern day Terminator figures NECA is where it’s at. I been seeing their T2 and Dark Fate figs all throughout Target but never pulled the trigger to buying any of them until now. I was fortunate to place an order on Target dot com for the Sarah & John Connor two-pack. I missed out on getting the single releases of these figures, so this is a great opportunity to get both. Only difference is, I won’t be getting John’s motorcycle or Terminator 2 – 3D head sculpt, where John is wearing a headband.

John Connor comes with a few accessories like a backpack, card hacking machine, and left T-800 arm. Sarah on the other hand comes with two head sculpts, guns and a knife. The articulation on both figures are the same for like any other NECA figure. So watch out for stiff arm and shoulder joints.

I like both these figures, but what’s lacking are accessories. NECA could’ve thrown in something new for this two-pack like a gas mask, detonator, or CPU chip to make this set a bit more exclusive.

All that aside, this two-pack is worth every penny.

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