A Successful Fig Hunt in Galveston

Today was successful in terms of fig hunting. I stopped by Wal*Mart and of course they didn’t have any AEW figures and their Elites were about gone as well. I did notice Wal*Mart has set up a camera right next to the wrestling figures. I guess a lot of swopping or stealing has occurred. I did find a stand alone Star Wars: Black Series display with 3.75 and five Black Series figs left. Four Clone Troopers, and a Mandalorian Super Commando (Clone Wars) which I bought.

If you seen my Insta or Twitter, you seen I posted a WWE Legends display box from Target. I tried to take it off their hands by asking if I could buy it or could I have it. I was told, there’s a license deal between Target and wrestling and Target can’t sale or giveaway displays. The guy also said, they might use the display for other figures… I thought to myself, no you’re not. This display is for Elite WWE Legends only. You going to put a Elite Naomi figure in one of those slots… I don’t think so. But I did walk away with two elites, Paul Orndorff and Eddie Guerrero. They didn’t have the chase Jake Roberts or Warrior… Target did have the Holiday Black Series figures and I got a Range Trooper.

The last stop was to Walgreens and only figures I saw was Rogue One Black Series and one WWE Basic in Apollo Crews… Also, on a side note about Target, they had this sign displayed on their Funko and NECA section.


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