Fig Hunting at Baybrook Mall and More

My vacation ends tomorrow when I go back to work. It’s been a fun week doing absolutely nothing but fig hunting, writing, and watching whatever’s on the WWE Network.

Today Rafael and I decided to go fig hunting, we hit up all the usual joints like Wal*Mart, Target, Five Below, and Best Buy and they all were fully stocked, but it was with figures I already had or not what I was looking for.

The highlight from checking out those big box stores came from Wal*Mart when I finally saw AEW figures in person. I’ve seen the AEW World Championship Belt and wrestling ring many many times, but it was nice seeing figures hanging from pegs.

I talked about how bad Parkdale Mall has gotten but it was just the opposite with Baybrook Mall… They had five different toy stores. GameStop, Think Geek, Culture Shock, all these places had action figures all over, but wrestling figures and that was a disappointment. But I didn’t leave empty handed, I found Endor Luke and Leia, and the GameStop exclusive Holiday Trooper.

The best part about the mall was Think Geek. They were fully stocked with Marvel Legends, Black Series and Rafael and I met a fellow figure collector, William. We all talked for hours about how awesome Black Series are. He also gave us his YouTube channel for everyone to checkout… The_Collector, give him a Subscribe.

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