Wal*Mart Fig Hunt – Orton, Kane, and Undertaker

My local Wal*Mart finally got new WWE figures in. I managed to find Decade of Domination, Survivor Series, and the Undertaker 30th Anniversary figure.

I walked away with Decade of Domination Randy Orton, Survivor Series Kane, and that Undertaker.

I really like the Orton figure because it captures that 2002 RNN era and that’s what I remember Orton the most. Him standing there giving out updates about returning to the ring.

The Kane figure is getting a lot of heat for missing paint apps but I like it. I been looking at getting an older Kane figure and this was my chance.

The 30th Anniversary Undertaker I really didn’t need, but how can you pass up this figure. Sure the jacket is still and gives him wing arms but once it’s off it’s the ideal Undertaker.

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