Fig Life Crew – Houston

Kenner Batman Figures.

Today was about many first for the Fig Life Crew and I was there to document it all… The morning started early, too early because the first toy store we wanted to hit up didn’t open until 10 am. So that left us with a thirty minute window to walk back and forth going into stores we had no business going into, like a Whole Foods and the one store we wanted to visit, Guitar Center didn’t open right at ten. While Broski and Geremy were talking wind and wood instruments, I was getting aggravated waiting for this store to open so I can make a Jeff Jarrett joke and hopefully leave once we stepped in. So we left! and went to Misfit Toys. Where I traded in some of my collection. I brought in a WWF Titan Tron Live, WCW Nitro Ring with figures, and my collection of G.I. Joe’s.

While I was making trades, Geremy had his sights on ThunderCats and MOTU figures and he walked away with a near complete set of ThunderCat figures, MOTU collectors case, and a vintage Star Wars Tie Fighter. Broski on the other hand was toy spotting for us while I was making trades. Told him to look for 1989 Batman figures because I’m starting a Kenner Batman collection soon. He found a few figures for me and I’m kinda getting back into TMNT even though I sold my collection off six months ago. Anyway, I got a good amount of store credit for the stuff I brought in. And I did walkout with a couple TMNT, and Batman figures along with a MK11 Johnny Cage from McFarlane Toys, and a vintage complete Bib Fortuna Star Wars fig. You can say, the hunt was starting off very good…

WWF Hasbro, Dusty Rhodes

One store we took Geremy to was Lone Star Heroes: Comics & Toys (NASA Location) so he could see what all the hype was when Broaki and I would say, this place is overpriced. But on this day it was different, Geremy and I both walked out with something. He found a great deal on a NASA Challenger model kit and I on the other hand… Found a whole bunch of WWF Hasbro figs, but only left with Dusty Rhodes. The guy wanted $100 for Dusty, but I told him my price and why it should be that price and he agreed. Don’t try to sell me a Hasbro when I know my wrestling figures.

Our biggest score came from Bedrock City Comic Company. Where I found a Galoob 14 inch WCW Sting figure. I have never seen these figures out in the wild and I couldn’t pass him up. But Geremy on the other hand got the deal of the day with a Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman set for dirt cheap.

We Can Rebuild Him

Our last few stops was to Target, Wal*Mart, and to the mall but nothing was worth a buy. We did go to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner…

Broski & Wings

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