Top 10 Action Figures of 2020

Some of these figures might’ve not been released in 2020 but they got me through the year… Speaking of 2020, what a crazy year it’s been. A world wide pandemic, it was also an election year that was swamped in conservancy, but with all the bad a lot of good came from it. Mandalorian season two and having a live action Ahsoka was phenomenal. AEW had the best PPV of the year with Full Gear, and The New Mutants finally had a theatrical release… Now on to the Top 10!

10. DC Multiverse – Azreal

Just an overall good looking figure to have on the shelf. It’s the only McFarlane DC Multiverse figure I own. Not saying the whole line is bad, but it does have articulation issues.

9. G.I. Joe – BeachHead

This figure got me into G.I. Joe collecting and I’m glad it did. It has opened up a whole new figure community for myself. Believe it or not, finding vintage Joe figures has come easy for me.

8. NECA – Terminator: Power Arm T-800

A throwback to the Kenner figure and since I could never find that figure, this one makes up for it.

7. Real Ghostbusters – Haunted Humans

I started to rebuild my childhood Kenner Real Ghostbusters collection this year and one lot I got off eBay was four haunted humans. These figures figures are so much fun and timeless.

6. Toxic Crusaders

These figures were so hard to find for a decent price, but I found every one of them. If I had to pick one figure from the whole wave it would be Dr. Killemoff.

5. Mortal Kombat 11 – Spawn

I have always wanted to have a Spawn figure in my collection but never found one I liked until I saw the MK11 Spawn. The look of this figure is beautiful the red and white stands out so much against the black.

4. WWE Elite Series #77 – The Fiend

I surely thought this figure would be super hard to find because of the popularity of Bray Wyatt, but I was wrong. I still own three of these figures and can’t give them away because everyone was able to find him in Target and probably still can.

3. AEW Unrivaled – Kenny Omega

When Omega was in Japan having five star matches I really wanted an action figure of him but there wasn’t any until AEW came along. This figure is good but has it faults, like hair color and stiff plastic jacket, but it was worth the wait.

2. Star Wars: Black Series – Hoth Rebel Trooper

Something about a Hoth Rebel Trooper I always gravitated to. If it was the vintage Kenner figure or with The Power of the Force II, these Rebels would always be in command. When Hasbro announced this figure I was jumping with joy. The figure itself is so nice, comes with a lot accessories and a swop out face plate for a bearded look. Also makes for a good army builder.

1. S.H. Figuarts – Wonder Woman 1984

The likeness on this figure is 100% spot on, I have a small number of Figuarts figures and never been disappointed once.

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