New To the Wrestling Collection

When I was visiting Bedrock City Comic Company I found a few figures I wanted for my collection but once I saw that 14 inch Sting figure I put everything back. I passed on a Marvel Legends Nightcrawler, OSFTM, (Harlem Heat) Stevie Ray, and a few other WWE figures. But that Sting figure though, I have never seen one out and about. Seen them on eBay but finding something in the wild is a great feeling.

Once I got the figure home I gave it a much needed fig bath and tried getting all the scuff marks off. Now the figure sits on the top shelf over looking all those Elites.

This Sting figure was made by Galoob and was in a wave of four figures with Ric Flair, Lex Luger, and Sid Vicious. Each figure came with a world championship belt as well.

Another figure I found was a LJN George Animal Steele in really good shape, his backend was a bit scuffed but not to bad. You can tell someone tried using a sharpie to cover it up.

When I found that Sting figure nothing could’ve topped that find until I saw a Hasbro Dusty Rhodes. The story goes… The Massive One walked towards the back of Lone Star Heroes and saw three pegs filled with Hasbro figs and card backs. He then ran to tell Broski about the epic find. Once the reminiscing stopped it was time to get to business. Massive One called over the store clerk so he could take down every Hasbro he had. As he pulled each one down they were inspected making sure their gimmick feature worked and without scuff marks. What I can say about these Hasbro figs is, they have seen better days. 90% of them looked like they were played with, all scuffed up and missing accessories. The one figure I took the chance on was Dusty Rhodes, but for the price of $100 I wouldn’t about to drop that kind of of cash on the Dream. But the guy behind the counter said I could negotiate. I took the figure out and told him Dusty has loose arms, scuff marks, but his gimmick feature worked… How about $80? I still said no… I shot him a price and after he looked on eBay for a few mins he gave in and took my offer. I walked out with a loose Dusty Rhodes and his Hasbro card back. In other words, don’t pretend like you know wrestling figures when the guy you’re dealing with has been in the wrestling figure game since childhood.

The next two figures came from the same store… I found a Junkyard Dog Elite for $20 along with a whole wall of Basic WWE figs, but none of them was worth taking home. Sure there was a King Savage, but how many Macho Mans does one collector need? By the way, Mattel stop making so many Ultimate Warrior figures. Meanwhile! JYD was in great condition but missing his accessories but that was okay. I only seen JYD once in the wild. The other figure was a LJN Hulk Hogan bendy.

It was fun finding these figures in the wild. I still can’t get over finding Dusty, and Sting. I haven’t hit the jackpot in a while, but I guess I was do. Massive.

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