Kenner Batman Figures

Who didn’t have multiple Kenner Batman figures growing up… I remember owning three different variations. Other than color and accessories it was the same five point figure. Each Bat-Suit gave me different types of play time, if I had Air Attack Batman he would be gliding through the air dive bombing on Joker or Penguin or Wall Scaler was with me he would be climbing up a wall. Looking back on those Bat figures they were fun mostly for the accessories and the best part they would fit any five point Batman figure.

When I went figure hunting last week Kenner Batman figures was on the top of my list. I wasn’t looking for a complete collection or rebuying every figure from my childhood. I just wanted a few figures for a display. And on said trip hunting I found three figures. The 1989 Batman movie figure, Wall Scaler, and Tec-Shield. There’s a few more Bat and villains figures I want to get as well, plus I’m looking into getting the 1989 Batcave, which I had as a kid.

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