To All The Toys I Never Got To Love

We all loved the toys we had growing up. It would be rare to hear someone say “All the toys I had growing up were garbage.” If someone points out toys they used to have immediately you’ll feel the tickle in the back of your brain that wants you to yell out “Yeah but I had ________!” You’ll start to remember all the toys you loved. Maybe even remember the scenarios you would come up with to send your toys on an adventure.

But what about the toys you never had? We all have circumstances that prevent us from having EVERY toy. It could be that you misbehaved. Could be a financial reason. Maybe your parents decided you had enough toys and didn’t need the newest and greatest toys. At least that’s what it was in your mind growing up. We all have something that we knew we really wanted but ended up not getting. Not even Santa could help with that scenario. Here are 5 that I really wanted growing up but didn’t get.

My Pet Monster

Why? I don’t know. There’s no good reason why I wanted this doll. He had chains he could break. He looks kinda cool. Their marketing just really worked on me. This guy just seemed really cool. Carrying around a monster with you seemed like it would be pretty awesome. It ended up spawning an animated series at some point and that probably helped my yearning.

While I wanted this guy my parents didn’t relent for any reason. Not saying it was a bad choice on their part but I had plenty of stuffed animals. My dad was even working at a retail store and was able to nab me a Cabbage Patch Doll. For whatever reason it just didn’t work out to get this into my grubby little arms.

Thundercats Cat’s Lair

Thundercats. Oh man. This cartoon was for sure one of my favorite things from the 80s. Weirdly enough I didn’t have many figures. Probably the most prominent one was Mumra. My neighbor friend had Lion-O so we could still have battles which was fun. The one thing I wanted from that was the Cat’s Lair. Why? I don’t know. Looking at it now it wasn’t much of a playset. It’s giant cat motif was alluring but looking at the inside of it there wasn’t much to it.

The biggest reason I can think of why I didn’t get it is because my parents went all in on the He-Man thing in my house. I had the Castle Grayskull and Snake Mountain playsets. I had a TON of He-Man figures. A few of the vehicles. I’m sure they were not ready to jump right into a whole other hero universe. And they were totally right. The He-Man property had more longevity with it’s figures and playsets than Thundercats did. They could buy a new figure now and again that added to the collection I already had rather than starting from scratch for a series of toys that didn’t end up being very large.

Teddy Ruxpin

A stuffed animal AND a tape player? Come on. Who didn’t want a Teddy Ruxpin? Not only could he fulfill the role of best friend and beloved stuffed animal but he could read you a bedtime story for real! And if I had kept him till I got older I could have discovered the fun of putting heavy metal or rap tapes in him.

I’m sure this falls into the same camp as My Pet Monster as I had a ton of stuffed animals already. Add on top of that I was probably less than graceful with my animals with how hard I played with them. I’m sure the thought was that if you add electronics into it everything could go wrong. Either I’d hit one of my siblings over the head with it or I take him outside, he gets wet, tape deck doesn’t work anymore, and I cry. Plus I’m sure I was loud enough as a child without running around with a talking toy.

The Cobra Terror Drome

If you collected G.I. Joes then there were two things that were the holy grail. One was the G.I. Joe Aircraft Carrier. The other was The Cobra Terror Drome. I personally wanted the Terror Drome more. This giant playset seemed like it had fun at every corner. Going in a circle there was two floors with different sets every few inches. You could put your Joes into the jail cells. There was a place for the Cobra vehicles. Guns to man. Computers to read. And that center dome hid a freaking plane!

Why didn’t I have it? This set was mucho expensive. Plus houses only have so much space. This thing was massive. Not Aircraft Carrier big but still big. Plus I had the Ewok Tree Village so it had to double up as a tree fort for either Joe or Cobra depending on what my adventure was that day.

Ghostbuster Proton Pack

This. This right here was everything. I LOVED Ghostbusters growing up. My family rented the original film and I saw it pretty young. When the cartoon series arrived I was excited. I was confused by the fact that they didn’t look like the Ghostbusters from the movie. Who understands likeness rights as a six year old?

So the idea of having my own Proton Pack seemed like the best thing ever. I could run around and bust ghosts in my own house. That house would be the clearest house on the planet. Ghosts would for sure be busted. Even if the pack couldn’t be had I would take that PKE Meter.

Why didn’t I get it? Who knows. Again these toys get expensive and there is only so many toys that can be bought in the 10 years that I would probably play with any of them. Plus I know my mom was not a fan of the Ghostbusters toys after my purple slime got into the carpet. I’m sure that stain is probably still there.

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1 thought on “To All The Toys I Never Got To Love

  1. I had a good amount of TMNT figures, vehicles, and even the turtle sewer. But the one playset I never got was the Technodrome. I don’t know if it was hard to find or my mom thought I didn’t need it.


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