DC Multiverse and WWE Ultimates Fig Hunting

I been fig hunting a few times this month but always walked out empty handed. Wal*Mart still has WWE Elite Series 77 and lots of Basic figs. I been searching for DC figs from McFarlane Toys but the only character I keep finding is Arkham Batman, and you can forget about finding AEW figures. I know series two have been found around Texas but not the Wal*Marts I visit.

Last week I stopped into Target and they still have WWE Legends Series 8 and Series 77, but this week it all changed. Target got a huge restock on WWE and McFarlane Toys. They finally got WWE Ultimate Edition Hollywood Hogan, The Fiend, and along with WrestleMania Randy Savage with entrance cart. Their DC figs were stocked to the rafters. I picked up Nightwing (Blue), and the two-pack with Red Hood & Nightwing (Red).

I did skip on The Fiend since I have three of his Elites (Don’t ask), but I did get Hollywood Hogan and what a pain the ass that figure is. His right arm was stiff and I couldn’t loosen it up. Had to take the whole shoulder joint out piece by piece using hot water just to loosen it up. Did some damage to the shoulder but it’s for display only.

January fig hunting started off empty but a week later it’s getting good.

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