Another Trip to Misfit Toys

It all started Saturday night when I saw a video from Misfit Toys on Instagram and the huge lot of WWF Hasbro figures they just acquired. I shared that video with Rafael and told him… It’s time! We planned on going to Houston to get ourselves some vintage WWF figures. The lead up to Wednesday morning felt like a month because we both were excited. I had a game plan going in, I was going to sell off a huge part of my collection to get a couple figures and that’s what I did. Ghostbusters, Marvel Legends, Black Series, Toxic Crusaders, Transformers they all had to go.

Wednesday morning we made the trip to Misfit Toys (Heights), got there a bit early before opening. But once that door was unlocked I met with Daniel (Owner) and ask him if he would consider my offer, few minutes later a handshake deal was made. Rafael and I got to see the glory that was the Hasbro haul. We were seeing figures MOC that we haven’t seen in years. After looking everything over I picked out what I wanted for my collection. I bought Doink the Clown, Rick & Scott Steiner, The Undertaker, and Tatanka.

Hasbro figs wasn’t the only thing I was looking for. I found a Keith Lee elite figure, and a McFarlane Toys DC Red Death figure, got that for Patterson!

I can’t wait to go back to Misfit Toys because you’ll never know what you will find… The fig hunt didn’t stop there! Because we stopped in Misfits Toys (Montrose) second location, and as always I’m on the hunt for anything wrestling and they had a LJN ring (Monster Ring) with a few figures. The asking price for the ring was $100 which wasn’t bad, but the ring could use some TLC like new ring ropes and stickers then you got yourself a nice display piece.

We also hit up three Wal*Mart stores looking for AEW figs but each time the pegs were empty. But the Target we stopped at had a WrestleMania Cart Andre the Giant. So I picked that up for the collection.

Today was a good fig hunting and I can’t wait to do it again.

Be sure to visit Misfit Toys on Facebook and Instagram for updates on new stock.

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