Let’s Talk WWE Network and More

It took me months to fully get onboard to the WWE Network once it launched back in 2014. I didn’t mind buying Pay-Per-Views twice a year, I never miss a Royal Rumble or WrestleMania. But once I got the Network and saw what kind of content WWE was producing I was sold. I got to watch Prime Time Wrestling, WCW Saturday Night, and WCCW whenever I wanted.

In 2019 the Network got a redesign and I don’t mind it. I found it easier to navigate when searching for matches or wrestlers.

Now that WWE sold the Network to NBC Universal for billions of dollars I don’t find it worth the price for me to subscribe to Peacock. I can watch Young Rock on Hulu and catching up on Law & Order: SVU is nice but everything else on Peacock I don’t care for. I just want a wrestling network.

The latest news for WWE and Peacock is, NBC is editing out “Sensitive Content” from WWE’s past and editing matches to shorten them. WTF is going on! Editing out segments from RAW or SmackDown just to make the non wrestling fans who subscribe to Peacock happy is nonsense. Gotta make sure Little Timmy doesn’t click on a random episode of RAW and finds a bra and panties match. You know damn well ECW will be heavily edited or just scrubbed from the “Network.”

After all the bitching I just wrote, am I a subscriber to Peacock? The answer is yes. Because I’m a WWE apologist. The E is what got me into wrestling and I been watching since 1987. The E has their lows and their highs and in my opinion this is the lowest I ever seen them go.

I’m glad I lived through all the years WWE or any high profile wrestling promotion who had questionable content that might be on the Peacock Network.

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