Let’s Talk Swamp Thing

The first ever media of Swamp Thing I came across was the 1982 live action movie and I remember watching The Return of Swamp Thing on USA Up All Night, along with the live action TV series.

When it comes to the Kenner toy line I remember opening up Bio-Glow Swamp Thing and the Bog Rover on Christmas Day… And once got Weed Killer in my Easter basket. At one time I had the whole wave of figures, but passed on the playsets and vehicles.

From what I recall the Swamp Thing cartoon was good. It had its own catchy jingle at the opening. The pilot episode (The Un-Men Unleashed) I probably seen over a hundred times, I owned a VHS copy of it.

Tomahawk and Swamp Thing

One of the best things about the figures were the villains. They came with a mutated head or Bio Mask to place on top the figures head to give them a towering mutated look. The Swamp Thing figures all had different gimmicks like glow in the dark, change color with hot or cold water, but the best version to get is Snare Arm, it’s basically a standard hero figure.

Over time I finally got around to reading Alan Moore’s run on Swamp Thing. I remember liking it, it got psychedelic at times, a character study if you will.

Earlier this year I watched the new Swamp Thing live action series. I thought it was good and deserved a second season just to wrap everything up.

Since I been on a Swamp Thing kick I been eyeing those Kenner action figures. I managed to find a MOC Weed Killer, and loose Anton Arcane at my local comic shop. So… the hunt is on to find more figures, I’m not looking for a complete set but just a few.

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