The Hunt Is On! Misfit Toys and Super Happy Incredible Toys

I picked up a nice haul at Misfit Toys today. They had a bin filled with wrestling figure from JAKKS, Elites, Basics, etc. any figure from said bin was ten dollars each. So I picked up Basic Series 93 Randy Savage, Elite Tyler Bate, which I been wanting for a while to build up my NXT UK roster, and lastly Elite Series 73 Daniel Bryan. I been putting off getting a Bryan figure for far too long.

One reason I wanted to visit Misfits I knew they had Kenner Swamp Thing figures, they only had two but worth it. Camouflage, and Bio-Glow Swamp Thing… And you can’t leave Misfit Toys without buying a MOC WWF Hasbro figure. They had a good selection of figures but I walked out with a Series 7 Crush.

After Misfits I stopped in Super Happy Incredible Toys to see what vintage Star Wars figures were available. I stopped buying the Black Series, but I can’t pass up those vintage figures. Sometimes about those five point figures are so collectible. I only picked up a B-Wing Pilot and Bossk.

Bossk, and B-Wing Pilot.

The one thing I think Super Happy Incredible Toys is known for is their selection of vintage G.I. Joe figures, but their selection of Classified figs are growing. I stopped buying and sold all my vintage Joes a while back but kept Beach Head, best Joe character ever! Now since Classified has come to light and they are six inch I been thinking, thinking about buying a Classified figure or two. I gave in and bought Gung-Ho.


Those were the highlights from today’s fig hunt. Also stopped in a Wal*Mart and of course they didn’t have anything worth buying. Lots of empty pegs.

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