Top Five G.I. Joe Classified Figures… So Far

It’s been fun collecting G.I. Joe Classified figures but finding them is the hard part, especially those Cobra Island figs. I still haven’t found a single figure and I visit two Target stores. But that’s not here nor there, I’m here to talk about the figures I have and give you my top five figures from the Classified series.

5. Gung-Ho

The figure that got me into the Classified series. When I saw him hanging from the pegs I thought, what a hulking figure. Gung-Ho is massive and comes with removable cap, backpack, vest, and three silver guns that needs a repaint.

4. Cobra Commander

I’m still hoping for a Hooded Cobra Commander in the future, but this figure will do for now. I like that he comes with different hands like a pointing finger and a crushing hand. I wish he had a holster for his cobra gun.

3. Lady Jaye

All her weapons fit on to her backpack, instant storage. Also, I’m a cap on Lady Jaye fan. I swooped those hair pieces once I opened the package. her face sculpt is very good, when I picture Lady Jaye that’s what I see.

2. Zartan

Probably the coolest looking figure in the Classified series. It’s a mix of vintage and modern. The figure comes with a removable mask so Zartan can blend in with the Joes and not be caught.

1. Destro

Cobra Commander is probably the crowds favorite but the people in the know, know how bad ass Destro is. Arms dealer, leader of the Iron Grenadiers, and has Baroness by his side. He’s the Ric Flair of Cobra. The figure is spot on to the vintage 3.75 with a modern update.

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