Ultimate Edition Randy Savage

Went on the hunt for G.I. Joe Classified Major Bludd today but Target was sold out. I ask a Target employee and she said, they sold out fast a few days ago. But I didn’t leave employee handed, a new stock of WWE figs were in and I saw both Ultimate Edition Edge, and Randy Savage. The new Savage figure came home with me.

I have Macho Man out of the package and with his jacket on and that jacket restricts movement and can’t get Savages arms to go all the way up. I do like the floating shoulder tassels they get our of the way for shoulder rotation. Both head sculpts smiling and angry look great. The overall figure is good.

I can’t pass up a Macho Man figure, but at the same time I would like Mattel to space him out. The last Savage figure that was released was WrestleMania ring cart Savage before this Ultimate.

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