Late Night Fig Hunt, Left with a Handful

I been checking the Target app to see if any Major Bludd figures were available in my area and surprisingly they were. The Target I always visit says they have three in stock. I went there tonight and found two. Picked one up for myself and left one for the next person. Target also had a whole case of Clone Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi figs and a single Bo-Katan hanging from a peg. I picked up a Kenobi and that single Bo-Katan. As for WWE or AEW figs, nothing worth buying.

Wal*Mart was my second stop and they didn’t have anything new. Their Classified series were fully stocked. So was the latest WWE Basics.

I walked away with a good haul of figs and by the looks of it I’m back into the Black Series figure game.

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