McFarlane DC Multiverse – Batman Beyond

I’m back and forth when it comes to McFarlane DC Multiverse figures, I like the figures that are released but I can only take so many DC Metal figures at one time.

Having a Batman Beyond wave come out is a good change of pace and gives me hope for more unique figures in the future. I wish Todd would produce more DC villains like Mr. Freeze or Black Manta.

The figure I have is the single release without the BAF part. The figure comes with a flight stand, trading card, a set of gripping hands, flame booster effects for the feet, and a single red Batarang.

The wings are not removable but they do fold down and there’s peg holes in the wings for the arms to peg into. Once you get all the parts in place the figure looks great on the flight stand. I do wish the wings were removable so I can have the figure in a standing pose. Also… This is a nitpick but the wings color. The inner color is red and that’s 100% accurate but the back of the wings is also red and it should be black. I watched a few Batman Beyond episodes and the outer color is black. Like I said I’m nitpicking.

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