A (ew) Boy and his Dinosaur

Today I received a package from Ringside Collectibles and it was the Jurassic Express AEW figures, Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus. The first thing I noticed about the package is how huge the box was, thinking it’s just an oversized box for a couple figures but I was wrong the Jurassic Express box is huge. Didn’t know it would be that big.

I took the figures from their plastic molds and first impressions they looked great. The likeness is there for Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus’ mask. I took out Jungle Boy first and he seemed alright but noticed the right leg where it pegs into the upper thigh has a gap between. I tried pushing it in but no luck. It’s not that noticeable. Luchasaurus is a different story, both legs are super loose and flimsy. If you don’t get him in a neutral position he will do the spilts and balancing Jungle Boy on his shoulders like the packaging isn’t a safe bet.

I think Jazwares made so many of these figures that the molds got stretched out and that’s why there’s loose joints and why does Luchasaurus have small hands?

I didn’t buy these figures to be played with just posed and displayed. A bit disappointed I am but what can you do…?

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