Mattel WWE Comic Con from Home Highlights

A lot came out of Comic Con From Home with Mattel showing off their upcoming WWE figures… I was curious about the Goon and after seeing it it’s a pass. What I do like is those WWE Hollywood figures, Roddy Piper (They Live) and the Rock (The Scorpion King) are two figs I want in my collection.

Undertaker (WM14), Ultimate Warrior (WM6), Kane (Debut), and Batista (2005 era) are getting Ultimate Edition figures. I’m missing a Batista figure in my collection and what I saw with UE, I really like the figure.

There’s quite a few BAF figures coming out with Jimmy Hart, Vince McMahon (WM3), and Dominik Mysterio (Summer Slam 2005)

Other highlights for me is an updated Big Boss Man, Chief Jay Strongbow, Hulk Hogan in 80’s gear, and RVD.

About Mattel Creations… I like the idea of it, it’s just like Hasbro Haslab. Get enough people to back a project, hit goals to unlock more features for said project.

Mattel Creations has a New Generation WWF ring with a entrance stage that lights up and includes a Diesel figure that looks like a BCA Series 1 Diesel. Anyway, I would like to back this project but I can’t, I don’t need a ring or entrance stage. I don’t have room as is. The Diesel figure looks nice but missing wrist tape.

As of writing this two goals have been offered, see picture blow.

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