MOTU Origins – Rise of Evil

It’s been stated by different figure collectors that this MOTU Origins – Rise of Evil two-pack is hard to find in Target stores. Tonight I went to my local Target and they had five of these sets sitting on a shelf. I was looking for the new WWE Legends figures but they still had Series 7 hanging from pegs and forget about Classified Series they Target had nothing.

The Rise of Evil two-pack is a set I would’ve passed on if I didn’t know the history of these two characters. Keldor is Skeletor, and Kronis is Trap Jaw. Who knew! There’s a video on YouTube by Spector Creative explaining the how Keldor got turned into Skeletor and the family history between Keldor and King Randor… They’re half brothers!

The figures are in that Origins style, blah blah blah… If you know about the Origins figures there’s no reason for me to explain. Anyways… The Keldor figure comes with a Skeletor head and a two tone Havoc staff and power sword, while Kronis comes with a blaster rifle. With all the parts you can make your own Skeletor figure and what I like about it is, he comes with a removable cape.

Now to the figures I bought from Target. I noticed the Havoc stuff was bent in the packaging but I knew that would be a quick fix. Heat it up and straighten it out, but when I got the package open pulled out the insert tray the Havoc stuff was in two parts… Already starting off to a bad start.

Okay, it’s just a staff. I can find a replacement on eBay. When I pulled Keldor out of the package and gave him a once over he had paint splatter all over his left arm. This is some bad quality control but I managed to clean it up with rubbing alcohol. As for Kronis, he came out of the package clean and flawless.

After a day of playing and posing I really enjoy this two-pack, but with all the flaws with Keldor I’m kinda hesitant now with Origins. But I’m sticking with them for now, hopefully this was a one time mess up.

Update: I contacted Mattel and the official MOTU via Twitter, showing them what happened with the Havoc staff and paint splatter. After some back and forth, showing receipts and UPC numbers I was offered a refund because they didn’t have a replacement Havoc Staff or two-pack in stock.

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