Massive Fig Hunt Weekend

It’s been a super busy summer here at the beach and getting time off to fig hunt has been a chore but I got some time off and no one saw me for days…

I started my journey in Galveston hitting up Target, Wal*Mart, and the local comic shops. Wal*Mart I scored huge because they just restocked WWE Elite Series 85. Undertaker (WrestleMania 36), Liv Morgan, and even brought home Kama. At one point I was thinking I would never find a Kama figure at Wal*Mart, those eBay prices are ridiculous.

Target was a rough walkthrough, nothing much of anything new. Their McFarlane DC figs was littered with Jokers. But I did find a Legends Series 11 Bam Bam Bigelow.

I worked my way up to the NASA era and hit up Lone Star Comics, bought a WWE pillow. Their Galveston location didn’t have anything new.

One place that usually has something worth taking home is Bedrock City Comics. Oh boy! Did I hit the jackpot with vintage WWE Elite figs. Billy Kay, Peyton Royce, DDP (Elite 36) I bought for the collection. I also saw a Sonya Deville Elite 69, I passed on it because it was the skirtless version.

My next stop was to Dimensions Comics where I picked up a ReAction Orko. I been looking for a smaller Orko figure for MOTU Origins, and the ReAction figure fits right in. My last pick up from there was a Batman: TAS Killer Croc. They had him for $30 which is cheap.

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