MOTU Origins Castle Grayskull and More

I never had a Castle Grayskull as a child and finding a complete one nowadays is a bit of a chore. Making sure the stickers and cardboard are in good shape, no broken pieces or stress marks.

When Mattel announced they will be releasing a Castle Grayskull in their Origins line I heavily considered buying one and when I was ready to buy one all the big box stores and fan channels were sold out or back ordered for months. Unlit I noticed that Amazon put up a listing for said castle. I jumped all over it before they were sold out. Cut to a week later, I have a Castle Grayskull sitting on my dresser.

The castle is super easy to put together, but appealing the stickers took a few tries making sure they’re straight. I don’t have anything negative to say really. Other than I wish it came with a second ladder. The pros are, this play set comes with a figure, the Sorceress. And has two weapon racks with four different weapons, I can use those for my Origins figures. The castle when closed also makes a good display piece.

Keeping with MOTU… I been looking for a Orko figure that can scale with those Origins figures. The Orko in the Origins line is a little to big in my opinion. So I been looking at all the Orko figures that’s been made over the years. MOTU Classics, is to big, Eternia Minis, I didn’t like how Orko has fighting fist hands. But when I found a ReAction Orko I was all in. It was small enough next to a Origins figure that the scale just worked for me.

ReAction Figure

It’s pretty cool having a Castle Grayskull. I know you can buy a Wind Raider that attaches to the castle but that’s something I’ll look at in the future. Right now let me just pose my figs and take pictures for the FigLife community. Massive.

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