WWE Elite Series 87 and MOTU Origins Figures

Had a birthday this month and Rafael got me a few figures to fill out my wrestling collection. He managed to find Elite Series 87 and picked up Candice LeRae, Santos Escobar, and Warlord.

For some reason I thought Mattel was going to release Barbarian and not Warlord because we already got a Warlord figure back in Elite 50. Hopefully down the line Mattel or Ringside will offer a Barbarian figure to complete the Powers of Pain.

I know a lot of collectors don’t like the hight Candice LeRae came in. Saying she’s a bit squatty, when I first opened the figure I thought it was a bit small but the size has grown on me and once you put on her jacket it kinda helps hides the shortness.

Another figure I told him to pick up if he saw it was a MOTU Origins Mer-Man, and sure enough he found one… I tell you what! Finding any Origins figure other than He-Man or Skeletor is impossible. I check my Wal*Mart every time only see the same two figures plus Battle Cat. Don’t get me started on those WWE MOTU figs, I hardly ever see them in stores.

The last thing I got for my birthday is a bit strange… It’s a diecast 1973 Ford Bronco painted in Macho Man Randy Savage colors. I know right, WWE just gives out their license to anyone nowadays. The mini figure is cool, but what am I suppose to do with the Ford Bronco? Reenact WrestleMania XII with the Hollywood Backlot Brawl. Ha!

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