Whatnot is Worth your Time for Collectors

Patterson! (One half of The Two Mics Podcast) has turned me on to Whatnot. It’s a live stream auction app where you can bid on action figures, comic books, sports cards, video games, clothing, etc.

I really been enjoying it as late because I got myself some really good deals on wrestling figures, accessories, and a couple DC Batman items.

One auction I won the AEW Barbed Wire Accessory Pack, AEW figure Jake Hager, and the deal of the night for me a Zelina Vega figure for under $20 bones.

Another auction I won a 2008 The Dark Knight Two-Face figure. I already have Joker, Two-Face makes a good addition.

The pros for this app is connecting with fellow collectors, and since the auctions are so short you don’t have to wait two or three days like you do with eBay for something to end. And of course, you can find some good deals when the time is right.

The cons… If you’re on this app along enough you’ll see kliqs and you’ll learn fast who’s with who and their methods when it comes to bidding and sniping at the last moment.

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