Fig Hunting and Arcades

Tonight the FigLife Crew got together for dinner and a night of hunting… The evening started at a Chinese Buffet where four super heavyweights had a feast, but the magic didn’t happen until afterwards when it was time to hit up all the big box stores.

GameStop had a few AEW figs and lots of Marvel Legends but nothing worth bringing home. Target on the other hand, Geremy walked out with about five Marvel Legends Retro figures. I on the other hand didn’t see much. But all that changed at Wal*Mart when I saw wave after wave of AEW figs. A lot of them I already had but I did manage to snag Santana and Ortiz to complete the Inner Circle.

After that we all went back to the house to talk shop, drop even more cash on Whatnot and eBay and just had ourselves a good time.

The night didn’t end until the four of us had one last go around on a TMNT Turtles in Time arcade machine. We made it half us but those 1up machines are kinda small for four massive dudes. I also spent some time on Super Street Fighter II.

Overall it was a fun night with the Crew, can’t wait to do it all over again!

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