New To the Collection – WCW Elites and MOTU

I been on the hunt stopping at many Target stores looking for nWo Wolfpac Scott Hall. After finding one online I’m still not down with his face. Some say it looks like Ken from Barbie, I just can’t put my finger on it on who I see when I look at this figure. Besides that everything else is nice. nWo shirt, many alternate hands, spot on bloody knee pads… Gotta keep in mind, this is Drunk or Stun Stick Scott Hall when he was in WCW.

I may do a head swap with another Hall elite figure.

MOTU Origins are still hard to find in stores so I went vintage with Clawful. I know he’s getting an Origins figure in the near future, but I just needed a vintage one to hold me over. Clawful is in my top five MOTU villains. Look for that list soon.

I also got more TMNT figures in but look for them in a separate post.

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