Teddy Ruxpin

I got Teddy Ruxpin from a Whatnot auction and it’s in great shape. The box is a bit beat up with wear and tear but it’s still intact, also has all the instructions and booklets.

After giving Teddy a once over I grab four C batteries and could not find a cassette tape anywhere. Now I have to wait until another winning auction with more Ruxpin stuff to see if the tape deck works. I won the Summertime storybook and beach outfit.

While messing around with Ruxpin I did notice something. I think C batteries are slight bigger now then they were back in 1985. I placed the batteries in and the battery hatch won’t close all the way.

Even if I can’t get this bear to work it’s still awesome having him in my collection and like I said, it’s in great shape and clean. I can’t ask for more.

Also… Here’s my collection of The World of Teddy Ruxpin figures from Worlds of Wonder.

Update: I received the Summertime storybook and tape set and Teddy still doesn’t speak. It could be a broken tape deck or the battery connection.

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