Flea Market Pick Ups – TMNT, Teddy Ruxpin

Today I went flea marking and walked away will some neat finds… My first pick up was a Teddy Ruxpin lunchbox for two dollars, I been heavy into Teddy Ruxpin recently and finding that lunchbox was exciting.

One vendor had almost a whole block worth of stuff, a lot of random stuff because that’s a good sign you’ll find something good when digging. At this spot I found Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe for the 360, and a couple comic books.

My last stop I found some Ninja Turtles figures, a beat up Party Wagon, and a Donatello & Raphael autograph. The autograph says JCPenney and on the back it has 4-90. I’m guessing the photo is from April, 1990. I haven’t found much info online about this picture.

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