Let’s Talk James Bond OO7

Prior to 1995 I never seen a full OO7 movie, GoldenEye was my introduction to the franchise. It wasn’t until two years ago I finally sat down to watch Sean Connery’s run as James Bond. I treat OO7 as I do Doctor Who, I have my favorite and least favorite Bond actors.

Growing up I knew who James Bond was because TBS would advertise their marathon or references in other movies, etc. The main reason I didn’t gravitate to those movies as a kid was they were “old movies”. They weren’t cool “old movies” like the black and white Universal Monsters. These were movies from the 60’s & 70’s.

I didn’t see GoldenEye in theaters but rented the VHS. Thinking back the reason I even rented this movie is, it was a new release and I knew this was Pierce Brosnan first James Bond movie. Sounds like a good jumping on point.

Everything after GoldenEye with Brosnan didn’t hold up in my opinion. Tomorrow Never Dies, The World is not Enough, Die Another Day. All perfectly good action movies but not for me. I like the realistic aspect and not all those gimmicks or gadgets.

2006 we saw a new actor take on the James Bond role with Daniel Craig. This guy got so much heat before production even begun. Some say you can’t have a blonde James Bond, but look how far Craig has gone with the franchise. He brought life back to it. 2006 Casino Royale was released and I fell hard for this movie. I didn’t see it in theaters but once the DVD was available I made sure to get the collector’s edition box set.

When making top ten list or asking the general question, what is your favorite movie of all time? I always say, Casino Royale. It’s the perfect movie in my opinion. It’s packed with big action scenes like the opening park-core chase, and emotional moments like the crying shower scene.

When Quantum of Solace was announced I was pumped and ready for another Bond movie like Casino Royale, but what we got was a hot mess. This movie came out a year after The Bourne Ultimatum and you can see a lot of those Bourne quick cut camera tricks in Quantum of Solace. Marc Foster can’t let this film take a moment for anything to sink in before quick cutting. I was very disappointed, and the only closer we got for Vespers death was at the end, a two or three minute scene. Not a high point in the bound franchise… Too much sand.

In 2012 the third Daniel Craig Bond filmed dropped and like with Quantum, I had high hopes for it. High hopes it would deliver and be a lot better than Quantum and it was. Javier Bardem played a perfect Bond villain, I liked his face gimmick and the way he played off Bond in a few scenes. The ending was a good action scene having everyone trapped in a house, booby trapping said house and fighting their way out. I felt like Skyfall had more at stake being a cyber threat than a one man trapping Bond and attempting to take over the world!

Spectre to me seemed like a filler movie to get to the next film. A lot of running around and hunting for clues. At least Batista was good in it as Mr. Hinx.

Now, as of writing this I haven’t seen No Time To Die, it’s on my to do list. I have stayed away from major spoilers except for one review by Oliver Harper.

I know this is Craig’s last movie as James Bond and I really enjoyed his run. Some movies were better than others, but when I think of double O he always comes to mind.

Fun Facts, if you will… Martin Campbell directed GoldenEye, and Casino Royale. Bringing life back to the James Bond franchise. You know what else he directed and it bombed, Green Lantern. Yes! The 2011 Ryan Reynolds movie. How can a director with that much talent not get Green Lantern right? Too much CGI or something.

As I said in the opening it was only two years ago when I sat down to watch Sean Connery’s run as Bond. Dr. No, From Russia with Love, and Goldfinger are the better movies from his run. Anything after Connery and pre Brosnan I still haven’t seen nor want to see.

Favorite songs from the bond franchise.

  • Thunderball – Tom Jones
  • Skyfall – Adele
  • You Know My Name – Chris Cornell
  • GoldenEye – Tina Turner
  • Goldfinger – Shirley Bassey
  • Die Another Day – Madonna

Lastly… GoldenEye for the Nintendo 64 and GoldenEye 007: Reloaded are both fun to play. If you can find a copy of Reloaded for the XboX 360 it’s worth your time.

There you have it. My history with the James Bond franchise… If I could fantasy book one thing. I wish there was James Bond action figures. I’m not talking about James Bond Jr. but NECA producing Bond figs like they did with Terminator or The Thing.

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