Top Five TMNT Figures

I’ve owned so many Ninja Turtle figures over the years. I would start a collection and sell it off months later because I was into another figure line, but this time I’m not selling out. I’m going for and hopefully completing a full run of TMNT figures I owned as a kid. But that’s a story for another time. Today it’s all about my top five favorite TMNT figures from Playmates.

Metal Head

I treated this figure like he was a T-800 when he would face off against the turtles. With removable hands and a backpack, this figure had it all.


I never owned a Triceraton figure as a kid, but I knew others that did. When I saw others bring this figure to school on Fridays I couldn’t get over how neat it was, loved the bright orange and green pants. I now own this figure in my collection and it’s still holds up as when I first saw it many years ago.

Super Shredder

I’ve probably owned five Super Shredder figures on five different occasions. This figure is a must have because it’s the only good looking Shredder Playmates has made. Coming in a close second would be Slice ‘n Dice Shredder.

Sewer Samurai Leo

Having the main four is fine but adding gimmicks or costumes to them is what I liked about these figures. With Leo I liked the way he looked and the figure was a stand in for TMNT 3 because I never did find those figures in stores.

Undercover Donatello

My we all time favorite Ninja Turtle figure… This figure was also a stand in figure, when the turtles would go to the surface and be undercover this figure was it. I liked that he had a removable mask and a Joker style BANG! gun.

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