Review – No Time To Die

I don’t have much to say about this movie and I can tell you now this isn’t the review you’re looking for…

One reason I like Casino Royale is the romance between Bond and Vesper. It was perfect until the end and when Quantum of Solace only gave us a throwaway line about her death I was disappointed and any sequel after I was hoping for some kind of closure and in No Time To Die I got that closure when Bond said he needed it and went to her grave and if you seen the movie that was a mistake.

I really liked how James played it cool while his car was getting shot at, it was like he was trying to process the whole situation between him and Madeleine and her secrets and the people that was trying to kill them.

The ending… I been trying to keep away from spoilers but I kinda knew Bond was going to die at the end, or did he? I like to think this James Bond did die to wrap up Daniel Craig’s run as OO7. Also, who’s gonna be the next James Bond? Whoever that person is has very big shoes to fill.

If I had to rank this movie in my head canon it will be number two right behind Casino Royale. Billie Eilish opening songs was fine, it’s kinda hard to hear at times but I don’t dislike it.

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