More Wrestling Figs

It’s always fun finding older WWE Elite figures out in the wild. While I was at a Game X Change they had a huge bin of beat up WWE JAKKS, and WWE Basic figs. I found two diamonds in the rough with Magnum T.A. and Lex Luger. They wanted a couple bucks each for them and I couldn’t pass up this deal.

Tegan Nox is one figure I been putting off buying because it was a basic and I was hoping for some kind of elite but that all changed when WWE let her go, I had to get her figure before the opportunity was gone and I did. Another figure I found around the same time was the Hollywood figures, all I wanted out of that wave was Piper from They Live. He was hard to find at first but I hit a Wal*Mart just right and found a couple.

I also added Legends Series 11 and 12 Hall and Nash. And both members of Triangle of Terror. I haven’t bought any AEW figures lately. I wouldn’t mind having the Dark Order collection or just Anna Jay.

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