Adding To MOTU Origins Collection

I been getting back into Masters of the Universe Origins. I recently picked up the Lords of Power Beast-Man, I prefer the more savage look than the original figure design. I also picked up the 200X Evil Lyn repaint. Just as I am with Beast Man, I like the pale skin color than her original yellow.

Back in 2021 I passed on the Power-Con exclusive, Secrets of Grayskull accessory set. All I wanted from it was the Explorer Space Suit. So I went to eBay and found one for a decent price. I also noticed that the other two accessories in the set the Spirit of Grayskull, and Orlax of Primeria monster are going for cheap. I know what the reviews are saying, Orlax of Primeria is to big and the Spirit of Grayskull should’ve been a different color than Grayskull green. Maybe white…

The last figure I bought was Man at Arms. I been holding off buying him online to find one in stores, but no luck. So online it was. I’m still looking for a proper knees Teela but from what I read they haven’t hit the states yet. Another figure I’m looking to get is Clawful. Team him up with Mer-Man and no one can conquer the seas of Eternia.

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